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Culinária / 06/03/2021

Russian cuisine: 10 traditional dishes

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Russian cuisine: 10 traditional dishes


Russian cuisine has a variety of ingredients and flavors. Discover some of the most traditional dishes and be sure to try and delight on your trip to Russia.

1- Stroganoff (строганов)

Stroganoff is a typical Russian dish. In Brazil, it was totally “Brazilian”, served with rice, potato straw and often chicken and shrimp instead of meat. Unlike here, in Russia are cubes of meat dipped in Smetana (Cметана), a kind of cream of fresh cream typical of there. The dish is usually served with mashed potatoes, and can also be found with baked potatoes, french fries or even pasta. Rice in Russia is not a popular accompaniment.

2- Pelmeni (пельмень)

One of the most traditional dishes in Russia, Pelmeni is a kind of pasta that is very reminiscent of a ravioli. Its light dough is made with flour, eggs, milk or water. It can be found stuffed with different types of meat, mushrooms or cheeses. The most traditional is that which mixes beef and pork.

Unlike Italian pasta, Pelmeni is not served with sauce. Russians usually serve it with Smetana (Russian sour cream). It is also possible to find fried Pelmeni.

3- Khinkali (хинкали)

Due to the proximity, it is very common to find in Russia excellent restaurants with typical Georgian cuisine. A very traditional dish is Khinkali. They are cooked dumplings, made wheat flour, water, salt and whole eggs. Its mass resembles that of Pelmeni, but the final shape is quite different.

It can be stuffed with minced meat, mushrooms or cheese. The meat can be beef, pork, lamb or a mixture of them. The interesting thing is that the Khinkali is shaped like a pear and its top is like a pastry button. The custom is to hold the dough by this top, make a hole with the tooth to first appreciate the sauce of the meat that is inside and then eat it. At the end, the buttons are kept on the edge of the plate.

4- Borscht (Борщ)

A very typical soup made beets. It is one of the most famous dishes in Russia and is served hot, with a spoon of Smetana (Russian sour cream) on top to accompany it. Among its ingredients there are also potatoes and meat. It is a great choice for the coldest days.

5- Pirozhki (Пирожки)

They are small breads baked in the oven, filled with meat, vegetables or other ingredients. One of the most traditional is meat with egg. Its shape is very reminiscent of an oven pastel and its dough is very soft.

6- Vinegret (винегрет)

It is one of the most famous Russian salads. It is made with beets, potatoes, carrots, pickles and peas. It is very light and healthy.

7- Kholodets (Холодец)

It is a kind of meat gelatine. It is a traditional dish for the holiday season in Russia but can be found at any time of the year. A curious mixture that requires a long preparation time and is served in several formats.

8- Bliní (Блины)

Served in various sizes and toppings, Russian pancakes are quite famous. The most traditional are accompanied by caviar, smetana (Russian sour cream) and jam. They are super easy to find and served with various side dishes. The dough is made of milk, sugar, egg yolks, butter and salt.

9- Vareniki (Вареники)

Much like Pelmeni but it is a dessert. It is stuffed with cherries and can be served with Smetana (Russian sour cream).

10- Pastilá (пастила)

It is a traditional Russian sweet, known since the 14th century. It is very reminiscent of a sigh but it has a unique flavor. It is made apple puree, honey, sugar and egg whites. It is often mixed with other fruits.

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