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Culinária / 28/11/2020

7 classic dishes of French gastronomy

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7 classic dishes of French gastronomy


France's gastronomy is considered one of the best in the world and is responsible for an important slice of tourism in the country. The fame of French cuisine dates back to medieval times, when King Louis XIV (King Sol) changed the country's eating practices, favoring the natural flavors of food. In this renewal of eating practices, well-cooked and tasty meats, vegetables and fresh fish were incorporated into French dishes.

This refinement of French cuisine has made the country an expert in creating original, tasty recipes made with fresh, local products.

Next, we list 7 classic mouth-watering dishes:

1 - Foie Gras

Foie gras is one of the main French delicacies and is usually served as an aperitif, accompanied by bread and wine. In some cases, foie gras can also be served as a complement to other French recipes, such as sauces, for example.

Foie gras is a controversial dish, as it is the fattened duck liver through overfeeding, which results in a larger and tastier liver.

Considered a noble French dish, some people only consume foie gras at New Year's Eve festivities, such as Christmas and New Year. Although the origin of this French delicacy is still unknown, it is known that the dish was served to King Louis XVI. Noble, isn't it?

2 - Escargot

You can't talk about French cuisine without mentioning the famous snails. It is a noble French dish, in which cooked land snails are served with a special sauce made butter and garlic.

The preparation of this French delicacy takes some work. Once dead, the mollusks are removed their shells with a special fork - one by one. Then they are washed, boiled and replaced in their shells.

In French cuisine, escargots are served as a starter and special cutlery is available for easy tasting. A portion with six clams costs, in the most affordable French restaurants, around 12 euros.

3 - Boeuf Bourguignon (traditional Burgundy)

The famous beef dish cooked in red wine comes the Burgundy region of France and is extremely popular throughout the country.

Boeuf bourguignon is a typical French dish and much appreciated by everyone, as it is relatively easy to prepare, despite a long preparation time, and its ingredients have a very affordable price.

Among the ingredients of boeuf bourguignon are carrots, onions, mushrooms, leeks and meat, which need not be any filet mignon, as it needs to be tougher for cooking in wine. In addition to these ingredients, condiments such as pepper, salt and herbs are often used in the preparation of the French recipe.

4 - Soup D’oignon

Considered a classic dish of French cuisine, the onion soup au gratin served in the country is considered Intangible Heritage by Unesco.

It is a gratin delicacy prepared with white wine and covered with Emmental or Gruyère cheese (the first French and the second, Swiss). Soup d'Oignon is a typical French winter dish, served in ramekins and accompanied by slices of bread.

5 - Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a classic of French gastronomy, characterized by a colorful and tasty dish, based on vegetables (eggplant and zucchini) drizzled with a delicious homemade tomato sauce.

Ratatouille is a dish the Provence region in France and is a great option for vegetarians. Healthy and nutritious, ratatouille is very easy to prepare and can be served hot or cold, alone or as an accompaniment.

6 - Croissant

The croissant is not a dish, but a classic France. A savory made with puff pastry and butter. In France, the delicacy is present in breakfasts, being easily found in boulangeries

Despite not being eaten at the main meals of the day, the croissant is a French delicacy so taken seriously, that in Paris there is a contest to reward the best croissant in the city. As criteria of the contest are the aspect of the salty, which must have the shape of a crescent moon, golden color and crunchy crust.

7 - Macaron, the Queen's Sweet

Macaron is a sweet made with almond flour and meringue and is a delicacy consumed in several French bistros and pâtisseries.

Taken to France by Queen Catarina de Médici, macarons were initially delicacies that belonged only to the court, with a recipe kept under lock and key by the queen's confectioners. But, due to an oversight, the Queen's sweet recipe was discovered by Carmelite nuns, who then began to reproduce and sell the fine sweets, making them known and acclaimed to the present day.

The macarons we know today are round in shape, colorful and filled with jams and meringues and in France they are served as desserts or as an afternoon snack. But the traditional macaron was quite different this.

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