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Culinária / 12/11/2020

10 iconic dishes of Italian cuisine

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10 iconic dishes of Italian cuisine


Italian cuisine is famous all over the world, difficult for anyone to resist irresistible pasta among other typical Italian options. Pasta and pizza are the most famous, but there are other specialties as tasty. Oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary and sage are the main spices in the dishes.

The typical Italian menu, starts with antipasti (before food), is light dishes, such as salads, vegetables, among others. Then the first dish of pasta, rice or polenta is served, and meats or fish accompanied by vegetables. To finish the dessert or seasonal fruits. Discover some dishes and specialties of this incredible cuisine:


The risotto consists of frying onions and rice in butter, and little by little other ingredients of your taste are added. It is a typical dish northern Italy. The original recipe came at a wedding, an apprentice wanted to play a game with his master (his daughter who was getting married), and bribed the chef to put saffron in the risotto.

Bologna tortellini

Tortellini looks like a perfect combination of ingredients typical of this region of Italy. Pieces of fresh pasta with eggs stuffed with a crushed mixture of prosciutto, bologna, parmesan cheese and a pinch of nutmeg, similar in shape to the cappellettis. They are served in a mild beef or chicken broth, sprinkled with Parmesan. With consistency al dente, very firm.


One of the most popular pasta in Italy, lasagna has several fillings that have been created over time. But the traditional lasagna takes cheese, pasta and sauce.


Dish created in the city of Venice. The story goes that it was done at the request of a client, who could only eat raw meat according to her doctor. the tone that was left, they found it very similar to the works of the painter Vittore Carpaccio, hence the origin of the name.


The well-known aperitif is very old, its creation is the century. XV. The original recipe takes only toast, garlic, pepper, olive oil and salt. But there are many variations on top of it, the best known of which includes tomatoes and basil, in addition to the ingredients already mentioned. Learn 5 different Bruschetta recipes.


One of the best known types of pasta, Gnocchi (or gnocchi here in Brazil) was created many centuries ago. It was widespread throughout Europe thanks to the Roman empire, which took it to different places. It was originally made semolina, but the most popular type today is made potatoes.

Artichokes Roman style

This vegetable originating in the East is highly valued in Italian regional cuisine. The typical round, fleshy Roman artichoke can be prepared in two different ways. In the Roman-style recipe, the ingredient slowly cooks in a mild broth, with garlic and parsley. Soft as butter, the end result provides divine gastronomic satisfaction. The whole artichoke can be sliced ​​and eaten.


Ciabatta is a white bread of Italian origin. Usually your recipe includes the preparation of the chariot or sponge, which is a mixture of flour, yeast and water a few hours before preparing the dough itself. Its name comes the Italian for slipper, in reference to its flat shape. As there is a large percentage of water in its composition, this bread has a very soft and airy crumb.


The most common type of ice cream in Italy, Gelatto is very similar to traditional ice cream, but with less sugar and less fat. But it has the same flavors as an ordinary ice cream.


Tiramisù is a typical Italian sweet that takes as main ingredient the Marcapone cheese that has 60% to 75% fat, but the taste that is accentuated in the dessert is that of coffee.

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