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Crimes / 25/06/2021


Entrepreneurs distribute food to professionals looking for Lázaro

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Entrepreneurs distribute food to professionals looking for Lázaro

Kindness to the press and the police working in the Lázaro case, in Goiás!

Hot dog shop @kaciquedog has given away free hot dogs to everyone who spends days and nights there waiting for news about the serial killer. A place there's nothing to eat…

The improvised headquarters of the police and the press in the district of Girassol, which became the main base and starting point for searches around Lázaro Barbosa, lives a bitter daily life.

Occupying the municipal school in the small town, which is part of the municipality of Cocalzinho de Goiás, the police force coexists with dozens of reporters, who never leave their post outside the school.

there, vehicles, police groups and sniffer dogs leave in search of Lázaro, who is responsible for several crimes, including the recent murder of four people in Ceilândia, in the Federal District.

there also come the main reports that we have followed in the main newspapers and broadcasters in the country.


Over the course of the days, the school environment (inside or outside the walls) takes on the contours of tiredness, exhaustion and exhaustion. After all, there are hundreds of police returning after hours of work in the woods, as well as journalists and cameramen who often spend days and nights waiting for news.

In this scenario of emotional unhealthy conditions, last Monday (06/21) gained moments of renewal and hope the solidarity of businessmen who decided to distribute food and drinks, free of charge, to police officers and press professionals, in order to demonstrate support for the work performed.

The gesture fed, literally and figuratively, many people there, including me (@vaicarmela), causing good smiles and a dose of emotion.

“I talked to my partners and we felt we had a responsibility to bless each one of you with this initiative,” said Cassilandro Colares, 45, who runs 11 hot dog stores across the Federal District. He had no doubts: he filled one of the food trucks and left for Girassol. Over the course of the night, all 200 sandwiches made available were delivered to the police, reporters, cameras, residents and anyone who passed by and held out their hands.

Before the delivery of the hot-dogs, a hamburger had already passed through the place with a similar attitude. “A very nice care, at a difficult time, precisely for the benefit of a warrior crowd,” said journalist Carlos Alves, as he finished his snack.

Israel and Luciele de Brito, residents of the farm sector in Ceilândia and neighbors of the decimated family, also approved of the affection.

“They were good people, very nice. Now we have that obligation to follow the outcome”, said Israel, who started to attend Girassol with his wife in anticipation of the criminal's capture.

“I've been coming all the time and it was exciting to come across this free sandwich attitude. Renew our faith”.


Despite the hubbub surrounding the entrepreneurs, it is worth remembering that they were not the pioneers in the gesture.

In the first week of the search, residents of the city itself showed up with coffee, sweets, cheese bread and cake for visiting police officers and journalists, in a way of thanking and motivating professionals not to lose strength in the siege of Lázaro, who torments the quiet district.

All that the inhabitants are looking for is a return to the calm of yesteryear. And there will be no shortage of coffee, or hot dogs, to ensure that Sunflower blooms again.

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